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Monday, 16 February 2015

Exquisite and Appealing hand crafted beaded jewellery made from coral and high graded crystals.

     Peach coral with earrings 

     Multicoloured crystal set with earrings 

     10 White coral with grey,white and purple crystals with earrings. 

     Black crystals,red and white coral with earrings 

    Turquoise with white coral with earrings. 

     10 layer white coral with red crystals with earrings 

    Red coral with earrings. 

     Peach coral with earrings in gold accessories. Also avail. In silver accessories. 

    8 layer white coral with teal colour crystals with earrings 

     8 layer Peach coral with gold balls with earrings 

    10 layer white coral with white crystals with earrings 

     10 layer Pearl with gold crystals with earrings 

     10 layer Red coral and gold crystals with earrings 

     7 layer Pearls with white crystals with matching earrings 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

HAPPY VALENTINES! We love U! Now and Always! ��

We Love U! In appreciation of ur continued patronage, We r giving away 3 fantastic gifts this season of love while u still enjoy 30% off from today till 14th Feb!  

This is how it works / 

1st Gift -  this beautiful Red Chanel Bag worth 150,000 k. Spend over 50k to get  this gift! 

2nd gift /  this beautiful neck set beads made from crystals, red coral and white coral. Worth 50,000k 
Spend over 10k to get this gift. 

3rd gift /. This lovely heart shaped evening bag worth 12500. Spend over 1k  to  get this gift! 

We would use your receipt number in a draw on Saturday Feb 14th at 4pm. Pls if you want to be part of the draw selection process let me know. 100% transparency ! Someone 
will definitely win as no blank draw papers will be included! Pls note that you can only fall into one 

For a chat and further details call me (Mrs Salau) on my personal number / 08023132397